Mission:  To Empower, Nurture, and Impact the lives of young ladies and ultimately their families, while they are transitioning into womanhood by teaching the importance of how to... "Love Yourself, Know Your Worth".

Lady Love

We help young girls to Love Themselves, Know and Understand Their Worth.  We see so many young girls struggle through their adolescent and teen years.  Hey Lady helps young girls learn to make healthy decisions as they grow through these turbulent times.  We do this through a series of interactive and fun programs using our Talk It Out format.  Our Talk It Out format includes ice breakers, personal stories and open discussion questions that are designed to provoke thought and self exploration in a fun, interactive and delightful environment.

Smart Lady

We teach young participants the importance of being responsible with money.  Our leading lady programs prepare participants for financial responsibility and money management which includes the importance of saving money.  It is never too early to begin preparing for educational and future living expenses as well as planning for fun and enjoyment.

Wanna Be a Boss....Lady?

So many young girls graduate from high school and even college not having a clear career plan or even knowing what paths are available to them.  Our Boss Lady programs encourage our participants to start thinking about their future careers at an early age.  We do this by holding panel discussions with highly successful women in our communities.  We also provide resume writing, networking and interviewing skills training to juniors and seniors.

Make a Difference - Be a First Lady

We teach and encourage pouring and giving back to our communities by participating in multiple charitable events throughout the year .  We collect and donate clothing for the homeless and provide school/personal supplies to those less fortunate.  

Hey Lady Programs...